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Ambic STEM

Ambic STEM Challenge 2024

Ambic are bespoke furniture manufacturers based in the North East of England. We have the capability to manufacture just about anything furniture-related and in 2022 we decided we wanted to give something back to the local community by launching a schools competition to design their own piece of educational furniture.

Online applications were invited from all north-east primary schools, with the winners decided by facebook engagement. The response was incredible! – with some posts attracting thousands of reactions, and one with a reach of over 125,000.

Our two winners are having their designs turned into a real piece of furniture at no cost to the schools and all our finalists were offered a full STEM day where the children were taught about manufacturing roles and processes and given a challenge to build a self supporting structure with limited materials.

All the schools who took part in the STEM days gave us some amazing feedback – this made the whole process truly rewarding for us and made us more determined to make the competition bigger and better in 2024.

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STEM Challenge 2025 now open to all North East primary and secondary schools

We’re inviting registration from all North East primary and secondary schools to take part in the 2025 Ambic STEM Challenge. This year’s competition will be challenging students to design a unique piece of educational furniture. Secondary students will conduct market research, prepare a business case and create design drawings or prototypes. The primary school competition will be adapted to an appropriate level but will still involve the design of an item of furniture that meets an identified demand within their school.

To register your interest please click below and complete our short form to ensure you receive the notifications and free resources to enter the competition.